Monday, December 24, 2018

China rebukes West's 'double standards' on Xinjiang

China rebukes West's 'double standards' on Xinjiang

The measures of counter-terrorism and stability maintenance in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region are conducive to preventing terrorist attacks, a spokesperson for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, refuting the West's double standards on the issue of anti-terrorism in the region. 
Hua Chunying made the remarks at a regular press briefing while responding to a question about the Western media's recent hyping up of the so-called surveillance, detention and assimilation of Muslims in Xinjiang and other areas. 
"I must say, some politicians and media in the West have made a fundamental mistake on issues related to Xinjiang," Hua explained. "They have defined China's anti-terrorist and de-extremist efforts as actions specifically targeted at Uygurs or Muslims."
Hua emphasized that China is always against correlating terrorism with any specific ethnic group or religion. 
She said the vocational and education training for people under the influence of terrorist and extremist thoughts has helped them learn languages, laws and skills to get rid of the control of terrorism and religious extremism and get back to a normal life.   
A few years ago, terrorist attacks occurred frequently in Xinjiang, but none has been seen in the past 24 months, Hua stressed, adding that the current situation has greatly improved people's sense of security in the area. 
Hua also commented on the increased number of surveillance facilities in Xinjiang. She cited the sophisticated surveillance systems in the UK and the U.S., saying the fact that the same measures considered to be protecting human rights in the West but blamed as violating human rights in China is a stark revelation of double standards. 
The Chinese spokesperson reiterated that China resolutely opposes those who hold double standards on the issue, as well as those who politicize and stigmatize China's anti-terrorist and de-extremist measures in Xinjiang. 
She also urged politicians and media in the West to forsake ideological bias and present the world a real, objective and overall picture of China.

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