Thursday, January 3, 2019

Lazada Wallet Appears For Use; Also Introduces Wallet Tuesday To Celebrate Occasion

Lazada Wallet Appears For Use; Also Introduces Wallet Tuesday To Celebrate Occasion

The Lazada Wallet seems to have been released for public use without much fanfare. Despite us hearing rumours of the service for some time now. For the most part, this is a digital wallet that only works with Lazada’s services; but that alone provides benefits of its own.

For the most part, the Lazada Wallet appears to function in the same way as other e-wallet services. With the exception that it doesn’t have QR code payments enable; although it doesn’t seem to need that option.
The benefits of using the Wallet involve additional 10% cashback on Tuesdays. That said, the total amount is being capped at RM20 and that it only applies on purchases totaling more than RM100. Additionally, the terms and conditions of the Wallet indicate that this cashback is actually being time limited. Seemingly only being available for use in the digital wallet for 90 days.
Using the Lazada Wallet also makes it easier for users to get hold of refunds. Seeing that the funds will be transferred directly to their accounts, and not requiring interaction with credit card vendors. These refunds can also later be transferred out to another bank account through the app.
Adding funds to the Lazada Wallet can be done through online banking, credit/debit card, and through codes sold in 7-Eleven stores. Curiously, there is no PayPal option at the moment.
There’s little other information available for the Lazada Wallet at the moment, and the company has not yet commented on the release. We’ll keep looking into the app for now, but it doesn’t look like there’s going to be an official announcement yet. Lazada itself says that it will be revealing more during its sixth birthday celebration campaign at the end of April.


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