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UCHE OBAJI  (born 2 September 1978) hails from MBAITILI LGT IMO STATE,Nigerian, professional installer of CCTV, access doors control and interior decorator and CEO of  ROBOTH WORLD WIDE, a malaysian registered company, uche wants to inspire Africans who thinks the end is near in malaysia,
uche is happily married,fluent in Malay uche have worked with more than eight companies in malaysia this include GM GLOBAL,SOONSOON LAI,TGI FRIDAY,KCP, 101 ELECTRICALS,ETC .

Uche- I resign with dubcom&adesemi in aba because I actually thought abroad was bed of roses,my encounter here was an eye saw but encouraged myself and started making foot wears for men,same time studying at edu train college, i suffered,i wept,the only good food i ate then was in my dream,when I saw no one to even ask a penny from then I realized I was the son of a shoe maker and so I have to survive,it was indeed survival of the fittest, and then i started making pams, after sometime I got a shop space in giant Taman can-naught cheras, as the day goes by new ideas started coming.

I started doing jobs  for African churches,especially knowing i am skilled as an interior decorator, installation of CCTV,and access door control, and so far so good I was also working with some companies,

I knew there is no quick way to make money if not by working hard,I love what I do and even sometimes i get discriminated. A man with a vision knows no obstacles so I kept been consistent and I found out I could afford my bills and also help my siblings in African,I succeeded in training my siblings.and then I knew more expansions are coming.

my girlfriend now my wife, played  a roll in my life with her energetic words,at my fall she talked me into becoming victorious, she said she sees potentials in me that I cannot see,and as a man full of ideas I grabbed her infusing words,

At first communication was some sort of barrier and my skin colour, like I said consistency pave ways for me because after working for locals they became excited and I get other jobs from old cilents who likes what I do,

I have been speaking Malay since2012 when I started going to the market and some of my colleagues speaks for me forgetting am a typical English man,and I follow up as an african man that i am,and today am fluent and this have helped my labour force, some of my clients are the locals , Arabians, and Africans.

So far so good I have worked with more than eight companies but on a contract base and then I registered company in 2013 and today I am counting my blessings not my failures.

I have also empower some of my African brothers, sometimes I laugh when some say there is no job in Malaysia, As an Africans we could actually create jobs for ourselves,i know of Americana restaurant he employs Africans and pay them, these are sort of empowerment,i also know of the onpointv crew a group coming together to showcase the ability in them via communication,i also know of chocho tv who is now big entrepreneur,mr humble who is a good editor,i know of some of our African sisters that does cakes delivery,make up,cooking from homes, just like you when i first saw your blog i doubt if was an African owe blog,because there is something different about it, others might decide to use it the negative way yet you decided to use it to send information to the world positively,and now you are noticed, there was a starting point for you if am right, but yet you were consistent,that"s  why i said one must be consistent in what he/she does is a quick way to keep the fire burning and expansion comes before you know it.

 this is a way of been useful and get paid, nevertheless there are skilled Africans which some happen to be my colleagues, let me make you understand, sometimes some of us share works among ourselves, for example I was doing an interior design for a church and they wanted an air condition service and I had to call my African brother  because I know he is good at what he do, we are the skilled Africans,

I came up with a forum called skilled Africans, some might be thinking of documents,but how do you expect the government to give you their document when you sit at home doing nothing,wasting your skill, if you have got a job with a company I do not see a reason why this company won't give you a working permit, rise today above your imagination and bring out the inner man in you.

Skilled African is everything you think about,i will say today am counting my blessings not my failures, there is no promising of the heavens but a promise of a relaxed mind. I never said hard-work means carrying of blocks of sand or heavy machines, but putting effort and ideas into what you do.the effort is the pain and the money you get back is the gain.

It was indeed a nice interview with Mr uche obaji to join skilled African contact uche on you can be useful to yourself and the world at large.


  1. Uche Obaji, a wonderful guy dedicated nice hardworking friendly trust worthy and willing to assist and help people. Uche the Sky is just your beginning. Keep on doing the good work thereby crating good name for Nigeria and Africa. How i wish other people can leave negative way of chasing money and make use the skills they have to put the image of Nigeria and African to the world in a positive way. Remain Blessed. Malaysia Babes Gist nice work

  2. Good work,good soup an money killer, carry go uche CEO and

  3. Nice nwunne God bless ur hand work


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