Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Barrister Ronauli Silaen an Indonesian spoke out of bitterness


That's nigerian for us oyibo. they come to us pretending to love ... marrying us even has children from us.. suffering from the beginning with us. Start all from zero to get money and we help them. when they already have money that's where you will see their changes. yes we are oyibo too trusting with her husband..all the money that enters here will be sent to Nigeria with a reason to build a house ... to make a business to buy cars and land and save money for us to live in Nigeria and we easily believe it because we love our husbands and see what happens our Husband will marry Nigerian woman and give us reasons you can't live in Nigeria. You won't feel at home in the country .. sometimes husbands say this is culture from Nigeria must marry a fellow Nigerian and some say they are married to Nigerian women to protect their property. Yes our oyibo problem is jealousy. But you know we are human. if you only use us only for visa and your business is very evil and has heartless marry us on behalf of a visa..how about our children don't you think of their lives in the future. I don't say all nigerian man like this but almost we Asian women feel what this woman feels. Wife in the life of a Nigerian husband only has 5% to speak and the rest must hear to her husband. and we oyibo can't do that only Nigerian women can do that .. the way educate Asian parents and Nigerian parents differently. So you have to understand us Asian women. You have not invited us to stay in Nigeria. We, if you teach us how to live in Nigeria, we definitely want to be with our husband and our children and you don't want to teach us the igbo language because you are afraid we understand your secrets. You forget there is still God anything can happen. The treasure that you get in Nigeria God can take in an instant. Look at our tears oyibo who had to endure the pain of seeing her husband remarry all assets obtained together but other women who enjoy. Heyyy do you think that woman will want with you if you are poor? oh of course not.. they only see your treasure ... see your house.. see your cars ... see your money. Husbands if you are poor the women will not want to be with you only your wife understands. But after you guys are rich you leave us for the sake of women..Nigerian man ..  you diligently go to church but you cannot understand the contents of the bible and your prayers. Is there a marriage in the Bible only for a visa or business or game. is there a new agreement in the Bible that allows you to marry 2 or 3 times. Does the Bible say that you have to marry a fellow Nigerian because you maintain culture?

We Asian wives must understand your life..who is easly angry..shouted. .hit us even cheating every time..we forgive.. we try to be together for the children..but what we get you Nigerian husbands just leave us and remarry in your country and tell people that Asian women..not good..have no pride..not understanding.. no respect.. can't cook.. can't take care of the house and others. Only makes us not good in the eyes of others just to marry another woman. But nevermind..For husbands who have left Asian wives and married Nigerian women. I hope you are happy and your wealth is increasing so that your Nigerian wife does not leave you for the sake of other men... we Asian wives will not be able to share our husbands with other women. Only Nigerian women can do that in the name of money.

Note: Asian women should be ready to stay in african if you are marrying an African man,don't abuse your husband,don't turn him to a woman by using him the way you want, cut down the jealousy rate,don't tell him what to do don't threaten to take your husband marriage pass,this is one of the reason most of them disappear without a word.


  1. This is very bad I don't know why man are like this

    1. because women are weak and blame men for his shortcomings... she is giving too much of her efforts to accommodate all his needs while in fact she is doing the same as he is

  2. Hmmmm, this case is really a sad one but then you have sait it all.. These men do not actually do it to their oyinbo woman ooo they do it to their Africa wives too. Barrister, some of them are Animal in disguise, the advise i will just give to Asian women is to take it easy by being more submissive and respectful do not let the marriage Pass thing gets into your head and try as much as possible to go home with him even if its just twice a year its okay God will provide for tickets money or if you have a grown up from your children you can drop him or her to be with the grandparents so that the grandparents will feel happy, and also the child can learn the culture and values while he or she pass it to his or her younger ones. I really feel sorry for this Indian woman because this incident can lead to her early grave if care is not taken, am really really sorry for her and my sincere sorry to her. And to this so called man, hmmm God's judgement is real. even if you told your wife to go with you and she has refused why can't you give her time? i mean you know other ways to talk to her or to tackle her getting married to someone else is not the best remember what is called CONSCIENCE. remembering those kids how would you feel?? wen you are all alone with your conscience. and to the woman dat pretended and destroy other women's marriage hahahaha YOURS IS ON THE WAY AND THE SAY KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!! have seen asian women who are happily married to their African king and dey both even live in Nigeria as am typing i mean i know of 2 couples, please don't compare other marriages with yours, tell your wife to be from the begining, its not every woman dat would want to go and stay in Africa with you Permanently!!! And to crown it all the Malaysian government too are not trying, their rules sometimes concerning marriage with Forigner get as he be.. sorry to woman and other women out there who are facing same heartbreak and plss learn how to also shine your eye... Thank you.

    Trigger warning!!!

    You might not agree with this posting if you're Asian wives. By the way this is just my point of view, we might not be thinking the same.

    Sorry to say that her voice didn't represent us all (Asian wives)

    First of all, there's no difference between Nigerian or Asian wives, we're all women. But it doesn't mean I'm happy with this incident. Just for me, this write up doesn't represents us all (Asian wives - at least for me)

    Regarding the matter of Nigerian husband (to a local/Asian wife) got married to a Nigerian lady as his 2nd wife.

    It's normal,
    Polygamy is normal even I don't agree with it at all.

    Yes of course, because am a wife and woman.

    We can't denied that some of them are here to make money for living (to buy properties and bring money back home) and they just married their local wife for visa and intentionally leave their local (Asian) wife, but there's still some of them that put their full commitment towards their marriage and family.

    There's still many of them out here.

    It's not Nigerian behavior.
    It's men's behavior.
    All over the world.
    There's white men and even Asian men did the same with various reasons.

    It's individual attitude, didn't said that all her points is untrue. But, I disagree when she claimed as all of Asian wives are fragile and weak and all Nigerian husbands are the same.

    It's totally judgemental.

    That is among risks and challenges that we have to be aware of, even same race marriage has its own risks by the way.

    By claiming this 'mourning doodles' if from 'Asian wives', are we that fragile and weak?

    Oh come on!!

    Men are one of unpredictable God's creation. They're weak creature instead. If they misbehave, that might be something wrong from our side as well. Guide them to fix, treat them well. Take them as priority, by God grace they'll do the same toward us and the least we can do is leave the rest in God's hands.

    Life is too short to mourned.
    Treat others (specially our husband) as the way we want to be treated and patient.
    That's the key.

    Me --
    The one that's still sailing my own ark.

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  6. I have lived in Asia. the Asian women I met over there lack respect due to some reasons, the guy may not have proper documents or he is not living up to her stands and she provides will make a woman feel so pride and proud of herself to her husband. I hate to see a woman controlling a man for any reason, that made me not to get married in Malaysia because the women over there lacks respect. I think all women are the same but different in understanding, behavior and character.

    1. bros is the way you treat them and when you want to have them as your wife or girlfriend you have to rebuild to your own way but again you love them just for you to use and that is it..

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  8. At this point, you and your partner will be in almost matching positions and either of you could throw the sweep.dust broom


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