Friday, February 8, 2019

Fish sold for 13,000rm/ 1.3million naira

Labuan fisherman catches massive grouper, sells it for RM13,000 in Malaysia.

LABUAN: A fisherman has reeled in from the depths of the Semarang waters a monstrous grouper that he described as “a fish of a golden time”, according to the local fishmongers.
It was a giant fish weighing 241kg, said one of them, identifying himself as Rosli.

He said a local fish noodle businessman bought the fish, known locally as 'keratang', for RM13,255.- 1.3m naira

Rosli said the fisherman, who sells ocean resources to fishmongers here, had landed the grouper with a rod and reel after a 30-minute battle in the waters near the Sumandak Charlie oil rig.

The fisherman brought his catch to the Labuan wet market.

Cred- Straitstimes

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