Thursday, February 21, 2019

how Nigerians stood to fight with Malaysia police

        Nigerians fighting Malaysia police

some group of nigeria footballers called Obinwanne Fc were fighting the police,and this lead to the arrest of more than 21nigerians in OTK (Puchong) most of them have said to be residing in lotus apartment, and the police have pledge to arrest any afician living in lotus because of their wrong act.

Some comments about the incident from the Nidomys Malaysia chapter

Anonymous-- Mmmmmm, may God help us in Malaysia and help our leaders back home to fix our problem in Nigeria so those who wish to return back home will go back without fear on insecurity in Nigeria  to reduce the brain drain affecting  nigeria competence and productivity

Anonymous- This is caused by frustration.
Where in the world is this going to be taken slightly?

Fighting with law enforcement. Even in Nigeria, some of the rioters might be having bullet wounds already.

The Malaysian police is indeed very professional.

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