Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Indian lady reveals how her Nigerian husband of 12years betrayed her and got married to a Nigerian lady he introduced to her as a married woman...

Indian lady reveals how her Nigerian husband of 12years betrayed her and got married to a Nigerian lady he introduced to her as a married woman...

She wrote:

Frank Dahl Olisadebe Orizu (Chukwura/ Iyi One of Oyi of Nkwelle Ezunaka, Anambra) and his accomplice Chinelo Lillian Obiora (Ezinifite, Anambra). The most wicked, selfish and deceiful humans i have ever known. Frank my husband introduced Chy (husband snacther) as a married lady with kids working in Fidelity bank whom is managing his accounts in Nigeria. This woman joined and played the role pretending to be our family friend. She even had conversations with me about her kids and and her fake husband in US (disgusting liar). In actual she runs lilysugar collections a business she has been milking my husband. Now it all makes sense where his money was going.

This desperate woman started getting close to me pretending to show concern and expressed how much she loved my kids. The same Chy knowingly ended up marrying another woman's husband on January 2019. Frank is a married man with 3 kids. His 3rd child was only 8 months old, when he left us for his urgent business trip to Nigeria on December 27, 2018. Only for me to find out through social media his wedding pictures with the same Chy. A man with a baby whom is barely 1 year old how desperate.
Swipe to read her communication with me, she claimed my husband owed her money, all of which were lies created for their communication. This woman was using me to monitor my husband because sometimes he would not pick her calls. It all added up after i found out.

Ladies be careful of any women whom pose as friends. Frank and Chy, now you both can enjoy each other alone. Trust me I still don't understand why go through all this stress when you could have Man'ed up and said you were done and found someone else. I certainly don't deserve this and sharing husband is not my way of life. To my soon to be Ex Husband you are such a coward and the most manipulative deceitful man i have ever met. You sold me out in my own home where you should have been protecting me. Never ever saw this coming after 12 years of being with you. You are so ungrateful and have no morals. Well you clearly made your choice.

The thought of sharing a husband disgust me, so I'm out.


  1. Hi sis, it is indeed painful to hear your story. No words can calm you down. Be rest assured the Lord Almighty will never let you down, he will take care of you and your children. Stay strong, have faith & focused on the things that will draw you closer to the Lord. People will disappoint but God never fails. Greater things will you achieve. You are in my prayers.

  2. I can't say anything, just i can feel what u feel.. 😢

  3. May god gives u strenght to move on and raised yr 3 beautiful kids... Its not easy... Slowly but surely... My dear Angela

  4. This should serve as a lesson to Malaysians who are mostly blinded by their desperation to marry Nigerians without doing a proper checks on the men. Many of the Malaysian women knows their So called husbands are not for real but will turn a blind eye. When such things happen they are quick to run to media and bloggers. While i feel for you for the betrayals, his action does not represent the good people of Nigeria. Move ahead and forget about him, People like him actually does not need you genuinely and such people can wait even 20 year to get what they want and abandon you. This should serve a lesson to MALAYSIAN WOMEN TO BE CAREFUL, KNOW THE MAN YOU WANT TO MARRY, KNOW HIS FAMILY, GO TO NIGERIA AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. and not just sit in malaysia in a comfort zone and expect to marry and angel.

    I believe at the Nigeria embassy, you were asked "do you really want to marry him?" am sure your response will be YES am ready to face the consequences. So its bad experience considering your kids. I am Saying sorry on behalf of the Good people of Nigeria. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Please not that he does not represent Nigerians in his act as true Nigerians are honest and Good people.


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