Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Young Nigerian Girl Allegedly Raped by Some Chinese was detained and was locked up After report

Kuala Lumpur - A young Nigerian girl by name Nicole was allegedly raped by some Chinese guys, and she is to be arraign in court for not having visa by trying to cover up the rape meted on her. 

The Full Story Being Narrated by The Girl (betty nyore)

The girl met with the Chinese guy in a place called Changkat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Chinese guy showed interest on her and ask her out, he took the girl (Nicole) to an hotel which happens to be one among many of the Chinese guy's father's hotels. On knowing to the girl, when they got to the hotel, the Chinese guy had arranged with some other of his friends who were equally at the hotel premises, the girl was said to be beaten up and forcefully ganged raped, they took her from that hotel to another location, where they called some of their friends to come to the car park area, new set of friends to the Chinese guy raped her again two people at the same time without using any protection.

They took photo of video of the girl naked without their own faces and threatened her that they will post it on their Facebook should she disclose the ordeal, the girl pleaded with them not to do so, from that point she was being held hostage after several hours of rape, she said at this point, she started shouting loud, so one girl inside the house they carried her to, she opened the door and told her to run away. So she came out and went to inform security at the apartment, she ask the securities to call police because she was beaten and raped, they took her to the station where she lodged report of rape, the police went to arrest the four Chinese guys and lock them up for five days and later released them on bail due to the father of one of the Chinese boys is an influential man who is said to have lot's of hotels in Malaysia. It was also gathered that the hotel where the girl was first raped actually belong to the father of one of the guys. 

After releasing the four Chinese guys, the girl (victim) is now being held for days in police custody for not having legal document. She will be arraigned 18th June, 2020 in Jalan Duta Court tomorrow Thursday morning in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she will likely be remanded in prison, then they will deport her after sometime in prison, and cover up the injustice done to her.

The Nigerian communities in Malaysia and other various groups has being raising and joining their voices together to stand up for a fellow Nigerian. The Nigerian High Commission official attention has also being drawn, while hoping they might stand up for it citizen to get justice for rape case to be mentioned in court tomorrow instead of only case for visa.

Attention and voices of Nigerians in Nigeria and other countries, those in places of authority, anti-rape organizations, stand up for women, girl child and human rights body, this is voice from the wilderness crying for help, before they jail this young Nigerian girl, all hands should be on deck to give her justice


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