Tuesday, November 8, 2022


 Passport swangle by Nigeria agents in Malaysia 

There is an official disclaimer by the embassy yet agents still carry out their plans but why?

Let’s analyze

To renew your Nigeria international passport lost, in Malaysia is costing almost 600,000naira, and in Nigeria is 45k naira, following due process, 

Expired visa, about 500,000naira more than $1000

Valid visa- about 350,000naira, 

Hmmmm, and you will say embassy is not part of Nigerians problem? The reason I said so, if this person have not had successful package he will not go about posting this, you don’t use because of influence to swingle people to vomit money they cry to earn.

Who signs the success passport he must have delivered? The embassy 

Who activate the passport to become valid? The embassy 

Who put the law of not renewing lost or not having valid visa to make renewal? The embassy -disclaimer not verified 

Fear is what make people fall victims, at the end of the day even this person may not be valid, but have an insider connection, this is theif of the highest order, Nigeria embassy Kuala Lumpur, please stand with one mind, if it’s a NO then it should be a NO not putting tears in the heart of others,

Am wondering if is same embassy others said they get their passport done in one week with just 100usd, as it is am very confuse, but I refuse to be confuse as this person posted this today.

If you can speak the Malaysian language use it rightly like others, not to oppress others, penetrating the high commission to get a valid passport with more than half a million Nigeria Naira is a crime to the eagles flag. 

What does the embassy have to say about this? It’s already written right and the embassy have address the general public, but how does this individual still get a successful  package? My deep questions,

Some Nigerias have confirmed to me his good at what he does,hmmmmm this is a success pick.

If the embassy will not issue passport to illegal immigrants then it should be so, if they will not issue in the case of lost or no visa whatever then it should be so, 

I know more than twenty Nigerians without a valid passport, lost passport, no visa that wish to renew, even the ones with kids, they have their babies birth certificates but without visa yet they can’t get passport for kids, if the government can give birth certificate why then is it difficult to have passport issued for minors? As one of the mothers said embassy told her she doesn’t have a valid visa, but agent told her to pay 2500ringgit Malaysia, equivalent to 300,000nigeria naira.

Embassy have sent a disclaimer but this advert is recent as a blogger I can’t work with false information as I know is an offense, like I said it’s a recent post made The 9th November 2022 posted by an agent who have success story in whatever he does, according to back talks like the typical Nigerians will call it.

Can we work in love and unity, mothers can’t go get ETC without fear, citizens need their passport yet they can’t due to high cost, if embassy can issue passport to people who are not valid via agents why can’t they do it to Nigerians who have the gods to walk in?? If Embassy want a specific amount they can also state it I know Nigerians will turn up, you can’t send a citizen who is not valid to make a police report because is like sending the person to a journey of no return, this is also one of the fears among Nigerians that also makes them fall victims of this agents. Am hurt because it’s also affect me as a person and how my fellow country man expect me to give out half a million to identify myself as a citizen of my country.

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