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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Korean casts on clash landing on you got engaged

MSon Ye-Jin And Hyun Bin got engaged 

South Korean stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin are all set to tie the knot in March in Seoul this year. The two had featured in the popular K-drama Crash Landing On You, in which Son Ye-jin was seen as Yoon Se-ri and Hyun Bin played Ri Jeong-hyeok. 

Son Ye-jin confirmed the news by sharing a picture of a miniature wedding dress on Instagram. She wrote, “I thought long and hard about how to share this story because it’s an important one. I found someone to spend the rest of my life with. Yes… it’s him. Boy meets girl, recognises each other in the crowd, promises to build a future together… I couldn’t imagine! It happened so naturally… But, isn’t that destiny? Just being with him, I feel warm and protected. Please help us celebrate the beginning of our future.”

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Why detain Nigerian for so long, lawyer asks immigration

Why detain Nigerian for so long, lawyer asks immigration

A lawyer has questioned the continued detention of a Nigerian who remains jailed despite having paid his fine for a drink-driving offense.

Nigerian Simon Adavize Momoh, who has been married to a Malaysian for the past eight years and has a valid visa, was arrested at a roadblock in Cheras in the early hours of March 15 on suspicion of drink-driving.

He pleaded guilty in court the same day, paid the RM12,

000 fine, and his wife, Low Kar Hui, was told Momoh would be released at 5pm.

But 19 days later, Momoh — who suffers from hypertension — is still behind bars at the Kajang prison pending the Immigration Department’s verification of his documents.

His lawyer, V Vemal Arasan, filed a habeas corpus application at the Shah Alam High Court on Thursday.

“Let’s talk about some facts,” said immigration lawyer CR Selva. “Is it an offence to drink? No. Is it an offence to drink and drive? Yes.

“For that offence, he has paid the fine and served his sentence. But he is still in prison. Would that happen to a Malaysian? That is the question.”

Selva also said Momoh’s detention is ultra vires Articles 5 and 8 of the Federal Constitution.

Article 5 states that no person may be deprived of life or personal liberty except in accordance with the law while Article 8 states that all persons are equal before the law and entitled to equal protection.

Momoh, who has a long-term spouse visa which is valid until Oct 14, 2022, moved to Malaysia in 2009 to further his studies.

Married to Low for the past eight years, the couple has two daughters, Divine, eight, and Elisha, five. Momoh is a stay-at-home dad as his visa does not allow him to work in the country.

Another lawyer said that if Momoh had already paid his fine for drink-driving, authorities “have no right” to hold Momoh in continued detention for the same offence.

“However, in this case, the authorities seem to be holding Momoh in detention for some other reason, namely whether he has valid documents and is in Malaysia legally,” said Rajesh Nagarajan.

“The incarceration is, unfortunately, probably legal. However, it is deplorable that the authorities have incarcerated Momoh for such a long period of time.

“The validity of Momoh’s travel documents may be ascertained within hours, and such a long detention is wholly unnecessary.”

Section 35 of the Immigration Act allows a foreigner to be detained for 30 days pending a decision on whether an order for his removal is made.

Section 51 (B) of the Act allows for a magistrate to allow an indefinite remand order provided the foreigner in question is produced before the magistrate within 14 days of his or her arrest.

However, neither Low nor Vemal have been informed whether Momoh is being detained under these sections.

In a statement to FMT, Foreign Spouses Support Group (FSSG) co-founder Bina Ramanand and Family Frontiers programme manager Melinda Anne Sharlini said Momoh’s family deserves to know why he is still in prison.

“Shouldn’t Momoh be told his charges for continued detention and when he will be released by rule of law?” they asked.

“At least allow him to communicate with his wife. Immigration or the relevant authorities should inform her why her husband is still detained.

“Low is increasingly worried as to how her husband is coping with his long-term hypertension and the heightened risk of Covid-19 clusters in prison.

“We should be cognizant of the pandemic and accord spouses with due respect and human rights, as they are after all a part of the Malaysian family.”


Monday, December 7, 2020

Teenager saved by friends who 'bash' crocodile into submission

We attacked the crocodile until he released our friend 

 A teenager was saved from being eaten by a crocodile after six of his friends "bashed” the reptile, injuring one of its eyes, at Sungai Kampung Mengkabong here.

Tuaran District Police chief DSP Mohd Hamizi Halim said the victim, Azlan Arif Abdullah, 16, sustained injuries to his body, right leg and abdomen in the 3.30pm incident on Thursday (Dec 3).

He said the 1.52m long crocodile attacked the group of children, aged between nine and 16, when they were looking for clams and river snails while trying to cross the river.

"They quickly attacked the crocodile with whatever they in their hands until one of them managed to injure the crocodile’s eye, forcing it to release the teenager,” he said when contacted by Bernama on Friday (Dec 4), adding that the victim’s house was near the mangrove river.

He said the victim, who is being treated at the Tuaran Hospital, would be referred to the Kota Belud Hospital or Papar Hospital for further treatment. - Bernama

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Fish sold for 13,000rm/ 1.3million naira

Labuan fisherman catches massive grouper, sells it for RM13,000 in Malaysia.

LABUAN: A fisherman has reeled in from the depths of the Semarang waters a monstrous grouper that he described as “a fish of a golden time”, according to the local fishmongers.
It was a giant fish weighing 241kg, said one of them, identifying himself as Rosli.

He said a local fish noodle businessman bought the fish, known locally as 'keratang', for RM13,255.- 1.3m naira

Rosli said the fisherman, who sells ocean resources to fishmongers here, had landed the grouper with a rod and reel after a 30-minute battle in the waters near the Sumandak Charlie oil rig.

The fisherman brought his catch to the Labuan wet market.

Cred- Straitstimes

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Indian lady reveals how her Nigerian husband of 12years betrayed her and got married to a Nigerian lady he introduced to her as a married woman...

Indian lady reveals how her Nigerian husband of 12years betrayed her and got married to a Nigerian lady he introduced to her as a married woman...

She wrote:

Frank Dahl Olisadebe Orizu (Chukwura/ Iyi One of Oyi of Nkwelle Ezunaka, Anambra) and his accomplice Chinelo Lillian Obiora (Ezinifite, Anambra). The most wicked, selfish and deceiful humans i have ever known. Frank my husband introduced Chy (husband snacther) as a married lady with kids working in Fidelity bank whom is managing his accounts in Nigeria. This woman joined and played the role pretending to be our family friend. She even had conversations with me about her kids and and her fake husband in US (disgusting liar). In actual she runs lilysugar collections a business she has been milking my husband. Now it all makes sense where his money was going.

This desperate woman started getting close to me pretending to show concern and expressed how much she loved my kids. The same Chy knowingly ended up marrying another woman's husband on January 2019. Frank is a married man with 3 kids. His 3rd child was only 8 months old, when he left us for his urgent business trip to Nigeria on December 27, 2018. Only for me to find out through social media his wedding pictures with the same Chy. A man with a baby whom is barely 1 year old how desperate.
Swipe to read her communication with me, she claimed my husband owed her money, all of which were lies created for their communication. This woman was using me to monitor my husband because sometimes he would not pick her calls. It all added up after i found out.

Ladies be careful of any women whom pose as friends. Frank and Chy, now you both can enjoy each other alone. Trust me I still don't understand why go through all this stress when you could have Man'ed up and said you were done and found someone else. I certainly don't deserve this and sharing husband is not my way of life. To my soon to be Ex Husband you are such a coward and the most manipulative deceitful man i have ever met. You sold me out in my own home where you should have been protecting me. Never ever saw this coming after 12 years of being with you. You are so ungrateful and have no morals. Well you clearly made your choice.

The thought of sharing a husband disgust me, so I'm out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019



Dato Emmanuel Chukwuma Abugu was born on 23rd day of November 1970, in Umuida, Enugu Ezike, Igbo Eze north L.G.A. Enugu State , Nigeria. He had his Elementary and Secondary education at central school Umuida and Community High School Umuida. The schools are in the same locality. At his school he was the Senior Prefect (SP)

In 1996, he migrated to Malaysia with primary objective to further his Education. In the same year, he enrolled into Stamford College, Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. He later obtained his degree in Business Administration in 2001. He also studied at MUTHA Automotion Technology, Malaysia where he obtained Diploma in General Mechanics in 1998.

Dato Emmanuel is married to Datin Roseline Anak Ranchang, a Malaysian from sarawak. The marriage is blessed with four beautiful grown up children: Grace Chidera Abugu, 21 years, student of fashion  & designing, Inti College. Gloria Ogochukwu Abugu, 20 years, Mass communication student, Inti College Subang. Samuel Chisom Abugu, 19 years, Information Technology student of Segi University and Emmanuel Chigozie Abugu, 17 years, a student of business Administration in Edu college, Malaysia.

In the field of Enterpreneurship, Dato Emmanuel is a successful Entrepriser. He established first Nigerian Owned  Food outlet in Malaysia. Registered under his wife’s name, as Aheng Restaurant, was operated in Chinese concept. It was situated at No.2 Jalan Sri Sarawak 16, Taman Sri Andalas, Klang, Selangor D.E., From 1997 to 2006.

With much business innovations and by way of expansion/growth, Company – Majestic Target Sdn. Bhd was Legally incorprated in Malaysia, on 28th day of February 2000. It has been into operation until date. We specialize in Logistics, Global shipping services, Import and Export; 95% Export of used auto parts and other Malaysian made products to various African countries. It is in our mission, to bring about “goods and services equilibrium” to global market, by evacauting from areas of abundance to areas of scarsity. Majestic Target Sdn. Bhd. has been a role sample model to many Africans in Malaysia, who in turn followed his footsteps to have legitimate business Estabishments.

Majestic Target Nig. Limited, Abugu Majestic Target Co. Ltd and Majestic Target International are groups of companies registered in Nigeria and Canada respectively .They deal in global shipping services, import and export of assorted continental vehicles. 

In 2017, the CEO, Majestic Target Sdn Bhd, Emmanuel Chukwuma Abugu was Granted Datoship title by Yang Amat Mulia Orang Kaya Sri Raja Merah in recognition of free crime  long stay in Malaysia, good ambassadorism , economic and Philandtropic contributions to the Host country, 1n 2018 he received a recognition award from the Nigeria high commission Malaysia.

My workers are mostly Nigerians, and i have staff over 150 Nigerians who some now happen to big boys and millionaires, some are in Australia ,japan, Canada, like they say the happiness of a leader is to see his followers grow, i tell you some even do better than me because of the foundation i laid and also their good services made them who they are, have also empower ladys who are ready to stand fit in life,

No never,there was never a time we have had problem with our ship or lost or goods on water on the process of shipping to Africa.the patients here is the delay  because it's takes 30days to arrive in african..and when it arrives the goods are kept in my warehouse in nigeria and people do come to buy from there and to those I help in shipping their goods they go get theirs or the agents helps in the distribution to their various locations..I have boys all over who are working for me.

Oh , the news came to me all of a sudden, I wasn't  expecting it!

No it was based on recommendation , I will say times when I heard of Datoship I marvel ever did I knew it will some day fall to me, I only live in my world of business,buying and selling, if applying for Datoship like you said is possible it means so many Africans would have gotten it in bulk, most Africans knows the importance of Datoship.

thats why some make it a name, not because is sweet but because its a wish , and it comes with honour, and honour to a humble person who have contributed in one way or the other to malaysia as a country, the only thing possible is the celebration that comes with it just like the party we throw getting a cheiftaincy title, I will say am more malaysian than nigerian, because I have lived in Malaysia than Nigeria,I understand the culture,married here and fluents Malay, Cantonese, Tamil, e.t.c. as a Dato there are things I can do and things I cannot because the right kind of life is expected from me especially now that i am privileged.

 There is an adage that said if a woman is still living with her husband means her husband is good,  I believe you know what I mean, Malaysia is a land of settlement if you can define yourself,

most at times Nigerians who make money will send their money home instead of investing in the country, I wonder how someone who stays one month in Nigeria will buy a big car and park the car for a long time before use, you live here more the things most of us do back home is to be done here, why sending money home when we can actually invest in the country, it's actually a low mentality,

Having documents or not you can actually make it,it all depends on you and what you want, not having a visa is not an excuse, is for the lazy ones, if the government sees what you do and they are amazed there won't be a recording of raid cases, because you pay tax,and you contribute to the economic growth,

No man will tell you to take honey from his mouth if given honey. if we can actually invest our money and time here I tell you we shall all be happy, we should stop sending money home and invest here, let's give the locals a positive impression with this we shall portrait a good picture,

Business comes with patients,when you know your income you can't spend more than it, just like my shipping to Africa,it takes 30days I am patient,it's my goods and I know my profit will come which after smiles follow. Africans should invest in malaysia.

Monday, January 7, 2019


UCHE OBAJI  (born 2 September 1978) hails from MBAITILI LGT IMO STATE,Nigerian, professional installer of CCTV, access doors control and interior decorator and CEO of  ROBOTH WORLD WIDE, a malaysian registered company, uche wants to inspire Africans who thinks the end is near in malaysia,
uche is happily married,fluent in Malay uche have worked with more than eight companies in malaysia this include GM GLOBAL,SOONSOON LAI,TGI FRIDAY,KCP, 101 ELECTRICALS,ETC .

Uche- I resign with dubcom&adesemi in aba because I actually thought abroad was bed of roses,my encounter here was an eye saw but encouraged myself and started making foot wears for men,same time studying at edu train college, i suffered,i wept,the only good food i ate then was in my dream,when I saw no one to even ask a penny from then I realized I was the son of a shoe maker and so I have to survive,it was indeed survival of the fittest, and then i started making pams, after sometime I got a shop space in giant Taman can-naught cheras, as the day goes by new ideas started coming.

I started doing jobs  for African churches,especially knowing i am skilled as an interior decorator, installation of CCTV,and access door control, and so far so good I was also working with some companies,

I knew there is no quick way to make money if not by working hard,I love what I do and even sometimes i get discriminated. A man with a vision knows no obstacles so I kept been consistent and I found out I could afford my bills and also help my siblings in African,I succeeded in training my siblings.and then I knew more expansions are coming.

my girlfriend now my wife, played  a roll in my life with her energetic words,at my fall she talked me into becoming victorious, she said she sees potentials in me that I cannot see,and as a man full of ideas I grabbed her infusing words,

At first communication was some sort of barrier and my skin colour, like I said consistency pave ways for me because after working for locals they became excited and I get other jobs from old cilents who likes what I do,

I have been speaking Malay since2012 when I started going to the market and some of my colleagues speaks for me forgetting am a typical English man,and I follow up as an african man that i am,and today am fluent and this have helped my labour force, some of my clients are the locals , Arabians, and Africans.

So far so good I have worked with more than eight companies but on a contract base and then I registered company in 2013 and today I am counting my blessings not my failures.

I have also empower some of my African brothers, sometimes I laugh when some say there is no job in Malaysia, As an Africans we could actually create jobs for ourselves,i know of Americana restaurant he employs Africans and pay them, these are sort of empowerment,i also know of the onpointv crew a group coming together to showcase the ability in them via communication,i also know of chocho tv who is now big entrepreneur,mr humble who is a good editor,i know of some of our African sisters that does cakes delivery,make up,cooking from homes, just like you when i first saw your blog i doubt if was an African owe blog,because there is something different about it, others might decide to use it the negative way yet you decided to use it to send information to the world positively,and now you are noticed, there was a starting point for you if am right, but yet you were consistent,that"s  why i said one must be consistent in what he/she does is a quick way to keep the fire burning and expansion comes before you know it.

 this is a way of been useful and get paid, nevertheless there are skilled Africans which some happen to be my colleagues, let me make you understand, sometimes some of us share works among ourselves, for example I was doing an interior design for a church and they wanted an air condition service and I had to call my African brother  because I know he is good at what he do, we are the skilled Africans,

I came up with a forum called skilled Africans, some might be thinking of documents,but how do you expect the government to give you their document when you sit at home doing nothing,wasting your skill, if you have got a job with a company I do not see a reason why this company won't give you a working permit, rise today above your imagination and bring out the inner man in you.

Skilled African is everything you think about,i will say today am counting my blessings not my failures, there is no promising of the heavens but a promise of a relaxed mind. I never said hard-work means carrying of blocks of sand or heavy machines, but putting effort and ideas into what you do.the effort is the pain and the money you get back is the gain.

It was indeed a nice interview with Mr uche obaji to join skilled African contact uche on you can be useful to yourself and the world at large.

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