Monday, July 22, 2019



Today is indeed a special day for us in YCM, please join the entire executives of YCM to celebrate and send a shout out birthday well wishes, messages with prayers and heart felt love to our Honorable and amiable pioneer President/Aare of Yoruba Association Malaysia (which upgraded/metamorphose  into Yoruba Community Malaysia), High Chief Adeola Adejoro, “Adafin of Owo Kingdom, we wish you long life in good health and in wealth, we wish you more peace of mind/heart, more grace, and above all, happiness inside out.

Once again Happy Birthday High Chief Adafin Adeola Adejoro and thank you for servicing your kinsmen and women in Malaysia.

However, We understand you were not able to join us on our last general meeting with information reaching our desk that you were out of town as it was your wife’s birthday, allow us to take the opportunity to merge this special celebration together to include and send our love and birthday wishes to the former First Lady of our community, happy belated birthday to you to you Yeye Adafin of Owo Kingdom, God bless your new age and may Eledumare/Allah/God continue to bless your entire family. Happy belated birthday again. Thank you for allowing your husband to serve his people in Malaysia.


Thursday, July 11, 2019




The attention of the leadership of Urhobo Progressive Union(UPU),Asia has been drawn to a most inhuman practice of forced prostitution,where young girls particularly of urhobo origin are lured to Malaysia(Asia) with the promise of greener pastures and furthering their education most times by some unscrupulous elements that have constituted themselves into a cartel solely for this despicable practice.

For the avoidance of doubt and in the interest of the general public,we want to say human trafficking,be it for forced labor or sexual slavery or commercial sexual exploitation is not part of the Urhobo DNA and culture and this practice is unethical to the dignity and culture of the Urhobo nation. We strongly condemn it.

As a responsible group UPU(Asia) will not hesitate to report to the authorities any case of human trafficking it has knowledge of for proper action and we encourage any present victim in Malaysia to contact UPU so that they can be set free and assisted to settle here legally or be sent back to Nigeria and set up for a better life.

In this regard,we urge our members to dissociate themselves from this unwholesome practice and those involved in it. This is without prejudice to further steps we shall take to preserve the integrity of the Urhobo nation.

To effectively eradicate trafficking of Urhobo daughters for prostitution, i have constituted a five man committee to ensure a total stop to this madness.

Anyone who continues to traffic Urhobo girls to Malaysia for prostitution should consider their investment as a total loss as the union will work with the Nigerian embassy and the authorities in Nigeria to fish out those girls and have them deported back to Nigeria with no room for negotiations or any form of compensation.

The president also appointed a five men committee names

Mr Dafe Tobele
Mr Bright Ukoriagba
Mr Salvation eferiaka
Mr Nicholas Asanimor
Mr Innocent Eguriase

state that their appointment is effective immediatly

Olorogun Ejiro Omonemu
President UPU (Asia)

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Govt spends RM3.5 mil a month on food for detained migrants

Govt spends RM3.5 mil a month on food for detained migrants

he government says there are 9,654 illegal immigrants being held at the 14 detention depots across the count
KUALA LUMPUR: The government spends nearly RM3.5 million a month on food for immigration detainees, an average RM12 per detainee per day.
There are 14 immigration detention depots across the country and that many of the illegal immigrants remain there for one to two months while documents for their return to their respective countries are processed by their diplomatic missions.
“The cost can be reduced if their travel documents can be prepared quickly,” Immigration director-general Khairul Dzaimee Daud told reporters at a home affairs ministry Hari Raya celebration.
As of June 18, there were 9,654 illegal immigrants – 7,650 men, 1,664 women and the rest children – at the centres.
They come from Indonesia (3,767), Myanmar (2,105), Bangladesh (1,594), India (525), Vietnam (294), Pakistan (263), Thailand (226), the Philippines (222), Nepal (193), Nigeria (150) and others (315).
Khairul said his department has conducted 8,277 enforcement exercises and checked the documents of 103,224 foreigners this year.
He said four depots – in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur; KLIA, Sepang; Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan; and Juru, Penang – are congested.
“We are trying to speed up the process of sending them home as well as transferring some to nearby depots to prevent overcrowding,” he said.


Sunday, June 16, 2019

15 Africans detained in immigration operation

15 Africans detained in immigration operation 

KAJANG: A total of 15 foreigners, mostly from African countries, were detained following a joint operation led by the Immigration Department in Taman Alam Jaya, Batu 9, Cheras.
The operation which targeted illegal immigrants from African countries saw checks performed on more than 33 foreigners for their travel documents as well as other matters.
Enforcement officers detained 10 Nigerian men, three women – one each from Uganda, Nigeria and Thailand – as well as two Thai children in the operation on Friday night (May 24).
Immigration director-general Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud said the arrests were made possible due to cooperation from the police and the local council.
The illegal immigrants were brought to the Kajang police district headquarters for further checks.
"They were then handed to immigration officers on hand for investigations under the Immigration Act," he said when contacted.
Since 2018, the department has detained 295 foreigners from African countries over multiple immigration offences, he added.
"We will step up operation on areas believed to be controlled or monopolised by Africans
"We are committed towards continuous operations against illegal immigrants, regardless of their nationalities," he said.


142 foreigners arrested in raids in Gombak, Subang Jaya as another Nigerian jumped.

142 foreigners arrested in raids in Gombak, Subang Jaya


PETALING JAYA: A total of 142 foreigners, mostly Nigerians, were detained following several raids in Gombak and Subang Jaya, says the police.
Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat (pic) said the special operation was conducted at Kompleks Apartment Desa Aman Puri, Desa Jaya, Gombak and Vista Millennium Apartment, Bukit Puchong, Subang Jaya between 12.30am and 12.30pm on Sunday (June 16).
He said those detained were 128 Nigerians along with 14 others of various nationalities, including from Pakistan and Indonesia.
They were detained under Section 6(i)(c) of the Immigration Act 1953 for not having travel documents," he said when contacted Sunday.
SAC Fadzil said the operation was conducted as social ills and crimes among Africans in Selangor were increasing.
"Besides cheating syndicates, suspects from Africans countries are also involved in armed robberies and other crimes.
"We are deeply concerned, thus the operation is conducted to track down and gather information on the suspects," he said.
Among those detained were four men and a woman from Nigeria, who were suspected of operating a love scam syndicate at Apartment Desa Aman Puri.
"We also seized three laptops and six mobiles phones," he said.
Another Nigerian man had also jumped from the third floor of the same apartment in an attempt to evade the authorities, he added.
"He had broken his foot and he is currently being treated at Selayang Hospital," SAC Fadzil said.
He said a total of 536 Selangor CID personnel were involved in the operation along with 98 other police personnel from various units as well as 12 Selangor Immigration personnel.

Immigration nabs 130 illegal immigrants in raids in Kajang, Puchong

Immigration nabs 130 illegal immigrants in raids in Kajang, Puchong

PUTRAJAYA (Bernama): A total of 130 illegal immigrants, mostly from nations on the African continent, were nabbed in two raids in Kajang and Puchong Friday (June 15) night.

The raids by the Malaysian Immigration Department started at 10.30pm in Kajang following complaints from local residents who were not comfortable with the presence of foreigners who often created social problems.
Immigration director-general Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud said that several officers were injured during the operation after wrestling with some illegals who refused to co-operate.
"Some jumped out through windows to escape while the immigration officers had to break down doors during the operation as the illegals refused to open them," he told reporters here Friday.
According to Khairul Dzaimee, 118 foreigners were investigated in the first raid at an apartment area and 90 were found not to have proper documentation.
The 90 were from Nigeria (78), the Philippines (six), Pakistan (one), India (one) and four children, aged one to three, whose nationalities were not disclosed.
"They were detained for various immigration offences including not having valid documents, overstaying and expired social visit passes," he said.
Khairul Dzaimee said some of the African nationals were busy surfing social media on their laptops using pseudonyms when they were busted.
In another operation by the department at an entertainment centre in Puchong, Khairul Dzaimee said 40 illegals from Sierra Leone (23), Nepal (eight), Tanzania (one), Guinea (three), Kenya (one), Myanmar (two) and Nigeria (two) were detained. - Bernama


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Siti Kharina's murder: Nigerian man remanded 7 days

Siti Kharina's murder: Nigerian man remanded 7 days

SEPANG: The Nigerian man arrested in connection with the murder of Siti Kharina Mohd Kamarudin, the chief nurse of Serdang Hospital on Saturday, was remanded for seven days from today.

The remand order was issued by Sepang Court Magistrate A Akhiruddin@Boy Acho until May 23 to assist the police in their investigation of the case under the Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.
The handcuffed suspect clad in blue denim shirt, arrived at the courthouse here at 11am.

The 36-year-old was nabbed at 3.30pm yesterday at a cafe in Cheras Sentral, within 24 hours after Siti Kharina's body being found.

Based on initial investigation, the suspect was the last individual who was seen leaving the victim's house through a closed circuit television (CCTV) camera.
Two other suspects; a 38-year-old Pakistani and 35-year-old Nigerian woman who were arrested in connection with the case, had been remanded for seven days from Thursday onwards.

The partially clothed body of the forty-year-old nurse who went missing on May 8, was found dead with slash wounds on her chest, neck and head in her rented one-bedroom studio apartment unit in Third Avenue Condominium in Cyberjaya on May 15.
Siti Kharina’s body was discovered after investigating officers responded to a report made by the unit’s landlord who had spotted blood trail flowing out from the door.

The landlord had gone to the unit with the intention of repairing a faulty washing machine.
He was, however, unable to get in as it was locked and he sought the assistance from the condominium’s maintenance team to gain access.
Previously, Serdang Hospital had confirmed that Siti Kharina was last seen at the parking lot of the hospital at about 4pm last Wednesday.


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